Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

The business sector is challenging and sometimes driven by the desire to grow our business, we tend to forget to monitor the list of payments, collections, debt and briefly forget to watch the cash flow. Basically, in a business there are so many things to do, that it is necessary for someone to be able to deal with issues pertaining to debt collection, in which case an outsourced service can be the best choice.

We, Green Profit, perfectly understand the entrepreneur’s need to feel safe, meaning the assurance of the fact that the amounts that are due,reach their final destination. We know that time is a precious resource and therefore try to come meet these needs as much as possible to help customers, even by  this debt collection service.

What do we offer?

  • Streamlining the relationship with the state institutions
  • Recover undisputed amounts and eligible from VAT files
  • National Health debt recovery
  • Synthetic sheet adjustment
  • NAFA recovery of undue payments (payments made extra)
  • Finding optimal solutions and reliable debt collection
  • Establishing methods of payment which invariably lead to the same goal, namely debt recovery
  • Recovery of debts, the penalties and legal increases
  • Transparency towards the client, assistance during the phase of debt collection
  • Proactive team with customer-oriented attitude, experience and results in the field of debt collection
  • Efficient management of resources, discretion and diplomacy

Green Profit understands the customer’s need to know that his money is safe. We know that debt collection segment often implies collusion, as well as court decisions may be involved when imposing debts. Our team is ready for any of these situations, being trained to really find the best solution that finally guarantees to its customer the payment of debts.

Because we are a company that wants to offer customers a complete experience and a full service package, we come before you with this service which tries to recover amounts that normally are due to your company, but that normally require time and obtaining patience.

We know that sometimes these amounts come late or worse, never reach beneficiaries account. We know that the beneficiaries do not have time to start all stages of the recovery of amounts due or procedure can be cumbersome. For this reason we are here for you with the best solutions and reliable debt collection so that you do not have any concerns.

We welcome you to contact us in order to discuss situations that require debt collection, so we can come to you with a concrete plan for achieving these goals.

You paid extra NAFA? You  have to recover VAT? Debts of the National Health? We invite you to talk!

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