Human resources

Human resources

A very important component of a company aimes specifically within its staff and, of course, all documents related to each employee. Human resources component, because  we are refering to it, is actually a rigorous personnel records, including payroll and the issuing of certificates or maintaining complete files in order to present it when need it to control bodies.

Human resources is very important in a company. Although witnessing with our own eyes at a digital era, we must admit that the idea of ​​human resources will never be lost, simply because we need qualified  human personnel to work and manage work tasks, which can not be substituted by any modern machine. However, it should be noted that the Human Resources Department is not the same with staff recruitment, particularly these aspects are distinct in terms of the activity.

What do we offer?

  • Effectively personnel administration,preparing personnel file, filing Revisal
  • Record staff: employment contracts, addenda, decisions, etc.
  • Payroll services, payroll preparation, personnel record keeping file control and ITM assistance
  • Issuing certificates of income or health
  • Evidence of holidays, days off, notices, etc.
  • Assisting with controls coming from the supervisory bodies on human resources
  • Facilitating employment relationship through better communication and a faster flow of document flows within the company
  • High degree of satisfaction due to outsourcing human resources, which results in time gained for your own business and development.

Green Profit wants to provide this human resources service for entrepreneurs who want to expand, and by this means an increase in the workload, metered and increasing the number of employees. We know how hard it can be to keep records of all employees, to keep files in an order and keep up with all the legislative changes related to personnel and human resources.

By outsourcing this service, we believe that the time invested in human resources is time gained, because office work is the one that most often can provide good ideas directly applicable in growth and business development.

Therefore, we offer quality HR services that will ensure a perfect cooperation with the employee and that will give you confidence to work for your dream  without losing yourself in piles of papers.

We are always prompt and attentive to our work and in our turn we value human resources, because we know that without employees, without skilled people without specialists in certain fields, entrepreneurial market would suffer a real fall.

If you need HR services and want to outsource this branch, we invite you to better know and understand our values. At the same time, we will prepare a complete customized offer for your business, that considers and optimizes the employer-employee relationship and employer- ITM control institutions.

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