When talking about taxation we  should know that this service is probably one of the most serious and powerful encumbered by responsibility. For this reason becomes evident the need to collaborate with a team of professionals who can responsibly manage both information and resources. Taxes, payments, audit, practically everything related to your money and their destination, is actually our concern.

Green  Profit brings tax consulting and tax services to a new level. Our team carefully selected has in mind the novelty,that they apply in this area,considering the changes, thus relying on the knowledge of previous information. Fiscality is one of the important sectors in the economy and therefore requires competent people, specialized, to manage the flow of information or current needs of entrepreneurs.

What do we offer?

  • Safety in the taxation, clarifying tax concepts
  • Preparing tax returns specific to the tax activity,according to account holders notes
  • Specific advice, adapted to each type of business
  • Assistance regarding payment of taxes or other tax bonds
  • Advice and assistance regarding conducting checks by controlling bodies
  • Assistance in finding and implementing fiscal measures best suited to your business, cost optimization
  • The audit tax consultancy
  • Consultancy regarding complaints that can be made on certain fiscal decisions.

We know that things are changing rapidly, as the old way of taxation is different from the current one. We know that we are needed when fiscal controls “knock on the door.” We understand customers’ needs to feel safe and understood. We know that taxes and fees can give you headaches and sometimes the law may be misunderstood or even totally unknown to many people.

For us taxation is a service we provide from the desire to help our clients better understand the mechanism of fees and taxes. Our specialized team is up to date with the information  and the based law enforcement under certain tax bonds entrepreneurs.

For this reason we have also turned our attention to this area and to offer our customers a complete portfolio, a complete range of services, that will help them to predict difficult times, before passing through them (or even avoiding them).

In fiscality things are not simple, but the right specialists can simplify things for you. Please contact us to choose the most appropriate taxation service for you or to create a personalized offer which covers the services your business needs.

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