Establishments/liquidations of companies, stock companies and PFA/II

Establishments/liquidations of companies, stock companies and PFA/II

When you want to open your company momentary enthusiasm can be easily replaced by the difficulties encountered along the way. If the reservation name is the easiest step (in theory), in reality the next steps can upset any entrepreneur starting out. Because we understand that it is not so easy to stand in queues, waiting, to walk always with folders and documents on you, we, Green Profit specialists  offer you service business establishment, just to relieve you of many trips to the NTC. The same thing happens for liquidation of companies, which can be handle without problems by our specialists.

What do we offer?

  • Establishment / Free liquidation of the company (SRL, SRL-D, SA, PFA)
  • Choosing the best form of incorporation
  • Name reservation service
  • Consulting regarding the documents that are necessary for establishing / liquidation of company
  • The choosing of any particular niches CAEN code / activity or a field
  • Drafting / editing documents services required for setting up a company
  • Completing specific documents
  • Making Case establishment of the company, all documents and submitting it to NTC
  • Completing the necessary statements
  • Providing a further complete package: accounting services, human resource services, tax revenue statement, taxation.

Setting up a business, although it may seem relatively simple, it requires some knowledge and time invested in order to create andcomplete the file. Because we know that time is an important resource, especially when entrepreneurs dedicate to the company’s goals, we choose to offer this establishment or liquidation company service, as appropriate.

We know your time is precious and you have more important things to do, besides thinking of solutions for the first steps of your business. We know we have to take care of business promotion, recruitment of personnel, production processes,and so we will come to your rescue with our firm  foundation service so you  could be care free.

Here with us you will find qualified personnel who can facilitate the start of the first steps in the business environment. Also, because we work a lot with the state institutions, in terms of our work, we have an easy way we can avoid wasted time and queues at counters. We know the law and know the steps to be taken so that the file will not return to the same point to be completed.

With us everything is simple and fast as we can handle easily the set up of any company, regardless of its  status: SRL establishment, SRL-D establishment, SA establishment.

Each new company is an important piece in the actual entrepreneurial big puzzle. We invite you  to  tell us what your needs are so that we can help you know better how to set up the company you desire. Also, please contact us if you require liquidation of a certain company.

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